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Over 28 years experience in design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.


  • Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

  • Continuing Education

  • Certified Backflow Tester


ABC Irrigation, Inc. is dedicated to providing irrigation systems and consulting to the best interest of the client and end-user; designing and specifying for dependability, longevity, water conservation and public safety; and providing efficient, sound irrigation.

Design Criteria

  • Project type and use, for product selection and application

  • Type of landscape material and water requirements

  • Water source capability and quality

  • Over-spray limitations and traffic (pedestrian and vehicular)

ABC Irrigation, Inc. evaluates the type of project and provides design layout and product specification that best suits the project's particular characteristics. Some characteristics considered are maintenance operations, types and amount of traffic, project building and hardscape materials, water quality, landscape plant material water requirements, available hours to irrigate, elevations, drainage, wind, solar exposure, water source and available electrical power. Irrigation products are selected for end-user ease of maintenance, performance and compatibility.

ABC Irrigation, Inc. takes great effort in producing irrigation design plans, construction details and written specifications to best clarify and spell out in detail the scope of work, product specification, construction details and procedures.

ABC Irrigation, Inc. is also available for pre-bid conference meetings, pre-construction conference meetings, periodic site inspections and system walk-throughs as requested. Evaluations and/or audits of existing systems can also be performed, providing written reports and/or renovation plans as needed.

Efficient Design

  • Xeriscape Irrigation Practices – separate zoning for plant and turf

  • Water requirements

  • Efficient layout and product selection

  • Irrigation schedule to meet the landscape's water requirements within the available time to irrigate

Construction Services

Construction services may be performed as requested for pre-bid, pre-construction, site inspections, monitoring of pressure tests and final walk-through inspections.