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Irrigation/Sprinkler Repair

Our experienced irrigators are knowledgeable of hydraulic, electric, and manual systems. Call (361) 857-7647 today for our current rate, and we can provide a licensed irrigation technician.

Irrigation and Conservation

The goal of an irrigation system is to give the vegetation a sufficient amount of water without waste. Water conservation in the State of Texas is a crucial issue facing property owners and we make it a top priority to make sure every customer has a healthy landscape while conserving water.

Tips to Help You Conserve

  • DON’T over-water. Some plants will take in as much as they get, and may make you think they “need” it constantly. Get a professional evaluation. We will be more than happy to do a complete system check and advise you on next steps.

  • Sprinkler controllers/timers are a very important part of an automatic sprinkler system that determine start and stop times for irrigation, so be sure to adjust for seasonal changes.

  • Install a rain sensor on your sprinkler system. They are inexpensive and genuinely work.

  • Regularly check and maintain your sprinkler system. We can help!

  • A second water meter can help you measure your outdoor use for large properties. Many cities allow a second meter and provide a waiver for sewer fees.

Eventually, everyone will be affected by water conservation efforts, particularly with population growth. Future water restrictions will fall upon nonessential water use, such as landscape irrigation.

Let’s work together to find water conservation solutions today! It can happen with the right selection of plant materials, high-efficiency irrigation system designs, water-saving sprinkler components, the right kind of programming, smart controllers, and more.

Will your decision to conserve be voluntary? If you believe in saving water like we do, the answer is yes. Call on the water conservation professionals at ABC Irrigation, Inc. to be your partners.

Backflow Prevention/Inspection

As approved (by our local authority), backflow devices must be installed on any outdoor or indoor watering system to prevent contamination to any other source supply. If you have a clip-on timer attachment to a hose cock and a watering system connected, an approved backflow must be fitted to the hose cock. Check with the proper local authority to ensure you take responsible action. Failure to do so can cause you health and wealth problems. ABC Irrigation, Inc. has a backflow prevention assembly tester licensed by TCEQ on staff. Contact us today for more information.

Underground Sprinkler Systems

We have been installing underground lawn sprinkler systems for 28 years and can help you with all of your landscape watering needs. Lawn sprinkler systems come in all shapes, sizes and prices. The price of a lawn sprinkler system is dependent on the quality of materials and design features of the system. No purchase applies more to the old adage, "You get what you pay for," than that of an underground sprinkler system. High quality materials and professional design can cost more up front, but these crucial choices will produce dramatic savings in the long run in maintenance savings and, more importantly, water savings.

Some of the most important features of a lawn sprinkler system are listed below:

  • Professional design and layout: A scale drawing of your property, showing head and valve locations, clearly defining all the areas to be covered by the irrigation system, must be provided as required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Make sure all pipe types and sizes are specified.

  • Professional Installation: Ask for the qualifications of the installing staff and choose a company that has experienced, capable installers. Will the contractor be able to service what they sell and, if so, at what cost? Will there be someone to answer the phone if help or service is needed?

  • Separate lawn and shrub areas into separate zones: The water needs of plants and turf are dramatically different. Each individual microclimate should be controlled separately if possible.

Anyone can install a cheap system, but not everyone can install a high quality, affordable system. Contact us today for information on a dependable, professionally designed and installed lawn sprinkler system. Contact us as well for our prompt, professional and courteous repair service. Our professionals can help you choose the right product for your exact needs. Why trust your lawn to anyone else?